My Med Direct to Your Business

Make Employee Health the Top of Your To-Do-List

My Med Direct works closely with business, to provide the most attuned packages for the requirements of your company and your people. Want to make your employees’ lives less stressful and healthier? We deliver both NHS & private prescriptions wherever and whenever they are required. It’s as simple as that.

The My Med Direct Business service to your employees means that our online pharmacy can provide their prescriptions with discretion and ease to the workplace and you will have given them the ability to manage their workplace health in an organised and time-friendly way.

A Healthy Employee, Is a Happy Employee

Absenteeism and sick leave is a major factor for any business, with the economy being hit with a loss of 137.3 million ‘work’ days in the UK per year. Therefore, it’s up to you to help ensure your staff have everything they need to manage their own healthcare needs. Mail My Meds is an advocate for reducing stress and worry around health – the employees that we serve are able to focus on thriving at their roles, rather than the pain of finding the time to collect the medication they need.

Be the employer that stands out, and stands up, for their employees. Masking it easier to balance professional interests with personal responsibilities will help to reduce the amount of time your staff need to take off and build a strong and healthy team dynamic.

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